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Z-Tyre tyre

Times change. Just a few years ago, the use of high performance tyres existed in the domain of exotic sports cars – far from the thoughts of the typical driver.
But rapid advances in car engine design and technology mean that such car performance levels are now commonplace and need to be matched by a considered choice of tyre.
That’s when the concept of Z tyre was formed. But the story of Z also began with a vision.
The vision to craft the perfect tyre. The inspiration to capture the passion of performance. The appreciation of fine engineering. The exquisite sensation of travel and your personal freedom.
Z Tyre believes that luxury performance tyres don’t need to cost a fortune. Its driving passion for exemplary service and the perfect travel experience have led it to approach the tyre industry in a completely different manner.
Z Tyre's aim is to challenge the status quo by bringing the technical and aesthetic advantages of a ‘premium’ tyre at a price for all to enjoy.

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