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Motorcycle tyres TVS Eurogrip

TVS Eurogrip motorcycle tyre

TVS Eurogrip (TVA Srichakra Limited / TVS Group) is one of the largest Indian manufacturers of two-wheeler tires. Present all over the world, the brand aims to offer tires that enhance driving. At the forefront of technology, backed by several decades of experience, TVS Eurogrip knows that a motorcycle is much more than a means of transport.

Established in 1985, TVS regularly launches new ranges of tires for motorcycles and two-wheelers. It equips many manufacturers as standard. In 2021, a new series of scooter tires intended for European motorcyclists was launched: Eurogrip Bee Connect. They have just opened a research center in Milan (Italy).

Sophisticated design, finished motorcycle tires, made with high-quality materials ("Dual Tread Compound", "Air Seal" technology), the result of numerous quality tests that promise users an extraordinary, stylish and reliable experience, in tune with the times.

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