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12 snow chains in 185/80 R16

Learn more about the characteristics of the chains 185/80 R16 below to drive safely throughout winter.

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Maggi Group The One 095

  • Faster to mount than tradititional chains.
  • High resistance to wear.
  • Comfortable, quiet driving.
Automatic tensioner
Maggi Group The One 70,18 4 reviews

Maggi Group XS-9 095

  • Traditional chains made from high resilience steel.
  • Fit snugly in your boot.
  • Quick fitting.
Manual tensioner
Maggi Group XS-9 70,09

Ottinger Light RS 050956

  • Outstanding grip on snow and ice.
  • Reversible desin ofr enhanced life.
  • Quick and easy fitting.
Manual tensioner
Ottinger Light RS 122,09

Ottinger O-Tec 060956

  • Enhanced protection of aluminium rims.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Mounting on stationary vehicles.
Manual tensioner
Ottinger O-Tec 184,79

Ottinger Easy 4X4 195109

Manual tensioner
Ottinger Easy 4X4 181,49

Ottinger Selfy 4X4 302306

Automatic tensioner
Ottinger Selfy 4X4 177,99

Ottinger Otec 4X4 062306

Manual tensioner
Ottinger Otec 4X4 259,39

Ottinger Marathon-E 262306

Manual tensioner
Ottinger Marathon-E 171,29

Ottinger Selfy 300956

Automatic tensioner
Ottinger Selfy 172,98

Weissenfels Rex TR RTR 106

  • Ideal for 4x4, minibus, pick-up, ...
  • Manual tensioning
  • ABS/ESP-compatible
Manual tensioner
Weissenfels Rex TR RTR 129,29 1 reviews

Weissenfels SUV RTS 106

  • Self-tensioning
  • Clack&Go patented technology
Automatic tensioner
Weissenfels SUV RTS 147,78 5 reviews

Weissenfels Automatika M91 N893

Automatic tensioner
Weissenfels Automatika M91 268,39