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5 snow chains in 205/65 R17

Learn more about the characteristics of the chains 205/65 R17 below to drive safely throughout winter.

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Ottinger Light RS 050000

  • Outstanding grip on snow and ice.
  • Reversible desin ofr enhanced life.
  • Quick and easy fitting.
Manual tensioner
Ottinger Light RS 119,69

Ottinger O-Tec 060000

  • Enhanced protection of aluminium rims.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Mounting on stationary vehicles.
Manual tensioner
Ottinger O-Tec 181,29

Ottinger Maxi GS 010000

  • Easy, stationary fitting
  • Excellent grip on snow, ice and slush.
Manual tensioner
Ottinger Maxi GS 159,69

Ottinger Selfy 300000

Automatic tensioner
Ottinger Selfy 173,79

Weissenfels Automatika M91 N893

Automatic tensioner
Weissenfels Automatika M91 256,99 3 reviews