Start-Stop EFB FL600 60Ah - 540A

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  • Vehicle type : With Start & Stop
  • Power (A) : 540 A
  • Capacity (AH) : 60 Ah
Start-Stop EFB FL600 60Ah - 540A

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The FULMEN Start-Stop EFB FL600 60Ah - 540A battery has been specially developed for cars equipped with Start-Stop systems and/or those equipped with a regenerative braking system. It offers the user repeated engine starting and an excellent power supply to electrical equipment, even when stationary. Featuring high-performance components and materials, the Fulmen Start-Stop EFB FL600 60Ah - 540Ah battery has improved charge and cycle acceptance.

Fulmen Start-Stop EFB FL600 60Ah - 540A battery technical features:
- Capacity: 12V 60Ah
- Start-up power (CCA): 540A
- Connection: car terminal
- Polarity: positive terminal on the right
- Container: L02
- Technology: spill-proof AGM

The FULMEN Start-Stop AGM range offers the following advantages:
- Optimal charging over the entire life of the battery
- 4 times longer cycle life compared to a standard battery
- Perfect for partial-charge operation
- Maximal safety features - no acid leaks, gas recombination, and valve protection (VRLA)
- Long storage life (low self-discharge)
- Optimal performance in the passenger compartment
- Latest generation approved by car manufacturers