FUCHS GT1 PRO 2312 0W-30

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  • Viscosity index : 0W30
  • Standard : ACEA C2, PSA B71 2312, IVECO 18-1811 CLASSE SC1LV, FIAT 9.55535-DS1/GS1
FUCHS GT1 PRO 2312 0W-30

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Premium fuel-saving lubricant for light and commercial vehicles. Specially developed for the latest PSA petrol and diesel engines with after-treatment systems and turbochargers. Excellent cold performance, low oil consumption, and greatly reduced harmful emissions.

TITAN GT1 PRO 2312 SAE 0W-30 is composed of a special selection of 100% synthetic oils and modern additive technology allowing remarkable stability against oxidation. TITAN GT1 PRO 2312 SAE 0W-30 boasts low sulphated ash, phosphorus, and sulphur (Mid-SAPS) technology, which provides protection for the various after-treatment systems and extends their service life. TITAN GT1 PRO 2312 SAE 0W-30 benefits all modern engines regardless of their emission class.

TITAN GT1 PRO 2312 SAE 0W-30 has been specially developed for the latest PSA engines requiring the PSA B71 2312 specification, a mandatory requirement for the new PSA Euro 6 DV and DW Diesel engines (BlueHDI), but it can also be used for many other PSA vehicles with petrol or diesel engines, as well as in most Asian vehicles for which the ACEA C2 standard is required. TITAN GT1 PRO 2312 SAE 0W-30 is compatible with most conventional engine oils. However, mixing with other engine oils should be avoided to ensure product performance. This is why we recommended a full oil change when switching to TITAN GT1 PRO 2312 SAE 0W-30. For more information on the safety and handling of the product, please refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheet.

- Longer lasting after-treatment systems thanks to a low sulphate ash, phosphorus, and sulphur content.
- Exceptional oxidation resistance
- Excellent anti-wear properties on petrol and diesel engines in severe conditions.
- Reduces exhaust emissions.
- Reduces deposit formation in engines and turbochargers.
- Reduces fuel consumption compared to conventional lubricants.
- Very good cold starting.


- PSA B71 2312

FUCHS recommendations:
- FIAT 9.55535-DS1/GS1