OPTIM'OIL 5W30 FAP VW 504/507

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  • Viscosity index : 5W30
  • Standard : MB APPROVAL 229.51, PORSCHE C30, VW 504.00/507.00, BMW LONGLIFE-04
OPTIM'OIL 5W30 FAP VW 504/507

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OPTIM'OIL 5W30 FAP VW 504/507 is a multi-grade high-performance oil designed for use with the latest generation of Low SAPS engines. Ideal for the latest engines, especially those with particle filters. Main features include:
- Lubricant guaranteeing optimum fuel economy
- Excellent mechanical protection at very high temperatures
- Natural multi-grade characteristics
- 100% formulated from synthetic compounds
- Increased resistance to the highest temperatures
- Can be used all year round
- Guaranteed protection of the particle filters against clogging
It is recommended that you consult your vehicle's owner's manual or service manual before use.

OPTIM'OIL 5W30 FAP VW 504/507 oil specs:
ACEA C3 – VW 504.00-507.00 – MB 229.51 – BMW LL-04 – Porsche C30