Veriga Snow

Veriga Snow Stop AND GO 9 070

Manual tensioner
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Optimal performance on snow and ice
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185/80 R13
195/75 R13
175/80 R14
185/75 R14
195/65 R14
195/70 R14
205/60 R14
165/80 R15
185/65 R15
195/60 R15
205/55 R15
215/50 R15
225/45 R15
185/55 R16
185/60 R16
195/50 R16
205/40 R17
205/35 R18

Description and mouting of the chain Stop AND GO 9 070

Veriga Snow Stop AND GO 9 snow chains are designed to provide superior traction performance on snow and ice. With easy and quick installation, these chains are ideal for drivers looking to optimize their time while ensuring safe driving in winter conditions. The Veriga Snow Stop AND GO 9 model offers exceptional grip thanks to its robust design and high-quality steel links. The automatic tensioning ensures that the chains stay securely in place, reducing the risk of damage and increasing safety. Additionally, their compact design allows for easy storage and convenient transport. These snow chains are compatible with a wide variety of tire sizes, making this model suitable for a broad range of vehicles. Veriga Snow Stop AND GO 9 snow chains are a wise investment for those looking to enhance their vehicle's safety and performance in winter.

Veriga Snow
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