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Cheap heavy truck tyres : your tyres at a discount price

With about a hundred brands in our database, TyreLeader offers a wide selection of cheap heavy truck tyres. Thanks to the detailed technical descriptions for each tyre model, you are guaranteed to find the best cheap tyre for your truck.

At TyreLeader, we are committed to make your order simpler by providing a selector so that you can search for your desired tyre by brand, width, series, or diameter. Thanks to our expert guidance your heavy truck tyres are only a few clicks away.

Whatever your truck tonnage or the brand searched (Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear for the most prestigious), TyreLeader guarantees you'll find the best tyre at the best price.

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Bus Tyres

Buses are considered as heavy goods vehicles by tyre manufacturers, but bus tyres are not identical to lorry tyres. It's true that bus tyres require more resistant sidewalls because of regular impacts with the kerb.

Michelin manufactures wide bus tyres, eliminating the need for twin tyres. This type of tyre increases the space between the rear wheels, improves the flow inside the bus, and reduces fuel consumption.

Construction Tyres

Construction tyres are very special, they come in large dimensions and feature extraordinary resistance. Cement mixers, mechanical diggers and bulldozers are really heavy machines that have to carry huge loads. The burden is transmitted to the tyres.

Trailer tyres/drive axles/front axles

For trailer tyres, drive axle tyres or front axles, there are certain rules that must be respected.

On the same axle, it's illegal to mix:

The life cycle of a lorry tyre is often:

In general, if you respect all these steps throughout the tyre's life cycle, you can double its initial life expectancy (125,000 miles).

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