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Cheap agricultural tyres : a great selection of tyres

It can prove difficult to find a specialized site that sells agricultural tyres at affordable prices. Very specific, these tyres require precise knowledge and skills guaranteeing your choice will be adapted to your industrial or agricultural vehicle.

In order to meet customers' expectations, TyreLeader offers more than 100 brands (Continental, Barum for the most prestigious) of agricultural tyres available at discount prices. Tractors, motor graders, combine harvesters, excavators, for each type of agricultural and industrial machine, there is an adapted cheap tyre.

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Driving wheel

Your tractor's original equipment is often not the most suitable. For cost reasons, manufacturers often fit them with the cheapest option. So, you have the choice to change the size of your tractor driving wheel tyres. Just remember there are a few rules you must respect. The tractor's balance must be respected, this is the synchronisation between the front and rear tyres.

Here's how to calculate the balance of your tractor:

((Front bearing circumference x front axle mechanical ratio) - (Rear bearing circumference) / Rear bearing circumference) x 100.

This value must always remain below 3%, or you risk increasing your fuel consumption and your tractor's transmission will wear out faster.

Grass Tyres

Grass tyres are available with 2 to 8 layers. The more layers your tyre has, the more resistant it will be. Grass tyres have very close-together studs and an almost flat tread, which means you can drive them on the lawn without damaging it.

Be careful when ordering, because grass tyres can be both tubeless (TL) and tube type (TT).

Tip: If you get a puncture in your grass tyre, you can use a car puncture repair spray to fix it.

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