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Cheap motorcycle tyres : all the brands available

As befits a tyre specialist, TyreLeader is committed to give full satisfaction to each and every client thanks to a wide selection of models and brands. With about thirty motorcycle brands listed on the site, including the most prestigious (Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop etc. ).

To make sure you choose the cheap tyre that is best suited to your motorcycle, each tyre comes with a detailed technical description so that you won't make mistakes when you order online .

For every type of motorcycle : Moto cross, road, enduro or sport, you'll find the appropriate tyre that was carefully selected on our site and available at the best price on the market.

Brand list

Find all types of Motorcycle tires

The Road/Sports Motorbiking tyre

This very versatile tyre is ideal for everyday driving. Thanks to the numerous little grooves, you'll have good grip and handling whatever the weather. This long-lasting tyre is made from resistant rubber. With new technologies, rubber used for road/sport motorbike tyres are effective even at low temperatures, so you're efficient right from the start.

The Competition/Circuit Tyre

Softer, minimalist and sometimes completely slick, this competition/circuit tyre warms up quickly and provides maximum grip. It can't be beaten in dry weather, but be careful if conditions deteriorate. If you're a real track biker, there's a WET version of your slick tyres that are designed for driving on wet roads.

The Enduro Tyre

This tyre is designed for 80% off-road use and will be very effective on sand, mud or over small obstacles. Some enduro tyres have a tread wide enough to improve comfort on tarmac.

The Trail Tyre

The latest trail motorbikes are now powerful and heavy. Gone are the old models with lots of studs, new trail tyres look more and more like road tyres, but are effective on trails and paths when you need them to be. They're designed for 30% off-road use, so remember to lower the pressure of your tyres by 0.5 when changing terrain.

The Custom Tyre

The custom motorcycle tyre is an integral part of the look. However, never overlook performance. Very often custom motorcycles have a very high torque and are quite heavy, so this tyre has a very strong frame. These tyres feature the latest technological developments, making them comfortable, and giving good grip. Be careful on corners with these tyres.

Scooter Tyres

In recent years, modern scooters have become more and more powerful. Manufacturers have adapted by coming out with increasingly technological tyres. With soft rubber, hard rubber, dual rubber or M+S tyres, there are tyres for all types of scooters.

The soft rubber scooter tyre provides maximum grip, but will tend to wear faster than a hard rubber tyre. There are now dual rubber tyres with a harder, stronger central sections and softer shouldering for better grip. Some scooter tyres are marked "M+S", which means that the tyre is particularly effective on mud and snow.

Cross/Trial Tyres

To choose the right motocross tyre, be aware that hard rubber is better on dry and stony ground, while on wet ground, soft rubber will be more effective.

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