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Cheap quad tyres : wide selection of tyres

TyreLeader offers a very wide selection of cheap quad tyre brands.

Use the selector to zero in on your search and find the best cheap tyres for your quad. You'll benefit from the expert advice of our team. From utility, including road, through to competition quads, TyreLeader is the ultimate place for your quad.

Brand list

Find all types of Quad tires

The Leisure/Track Tyre

Quad leisure tyres are generally intended for occasional use. Great value for money and comfort while driving. The small studs allow you to maintain maximum grip on all types of track.

The Approved Road Tyre

The road-legal quad tyre features a structure that looks very much like that of a car tyre. Provides grip on dry and wet surfaces. It's ideal for road cruising, but you can also take paths without any problems.

The Sport/Competition Tyre

The sports quad tyre is often fitted on heavy-duty quads. It gives the best performance on all terrains and tracks. With this type of tyre, you can hit high speeds on all road types.

The Utility Tyre

This tyre is designed for professional use; with its wide studs, it provides maximum grip on all types of terrain. The quad utility tyre is very resistant and stable, and it allows you to transport or tow equipment on all types of terrain.

A little trick about quad tyres; the more layers there are, the more resistant your tyre will be. If you often take stony paths, opt for a high number of layers to avoid punctures.

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