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All car tyre brands at discount prices.

With about 200 brands listed on the site, TyreLeader offers a broad selection of car tyres while ensuring you will benefit from the cheapest price on the market.

Our goal is to help you access the most prestigious brands without breaking the bank like Michelin, Hankook, Bridgestone or Goodyear. TyreLeader is also very competitive for the mid range tyre brands such a Falken, Uniroyal, Nokian or Vredestein. We also have a well furbished entry level range of tyres that makes our clients very satisfied such as : Nexen, Tracmax or Nankang.

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Find all types of Car tires

What are the secrets to choosing the right tyres?

First of all, you need to choose the right size. This is indicated on the sidewall of your car's tyres. The dimension includes the height, width, diameter, load and speed index. For example: 205/55 R16 91V.

You can also find this information in your service record, in the fuel flap or in the door frame.

Do I have to change my tyres?

Never forget that your tyres are your only contact with the road. Their condition has a direct impact on your vehicle's handling and braking distances.

The wear indicator is located 1.6 mm into the main groove of the tread. If you go below the wear indicator, the police can stop your vehicle and issue a fine.

Generally speaking, below 3 mm, your tyre performance starts to diminish. You begin to run the serious risk of aquaplaning.

Buy your tyres online

Buying tyres online not only guarantees you the best price, but also gives you access to a wide range of products that you won't see in any garage (300+ brands).

Buying your tyres online gives you the opportunity to see our customers' feedback. The reviews provide plenty of information about the feel, life span, comfort, etc. of the tyres.

Many people's biggest concern is getting their tyres fitted. Don't worry, we take care of everything. Our network of partner garages (on-site or mobile) is happy to install your tyres purchased online. Have the tyres delivered to the partner of your choice. As soon as they receive your order, they'll get in touch to make an appointment.

How can I keep my tyres in good condition?

There are some little tricks to reducing the speed at which your tyres wear.

The main thing is to ensure that your vehicle is well maintained. Part of this is checking your tyre pressure regularly. Also, make sure you always have a good tyre alignment and balancing. It's important that you don't feel any vibrations in the steering wheel or notice any irregular wear on your tyres. A quick monthly visual check allows you to make sure that your car has no alignment problems.

Your driving style influences the wear speed of your tyres. Sudden acceleration and braking, and taking roundabouts too quickly contribute to the premature wear of your tyres.

Finally, remember to use the right tyres at the right time. A summer tyre is not suitable for temperatures under 7°C, and vice-versa, a winter tyre is not suitable for driving above 7°C.

Are all-season tyres worth it?

In their early days, it was often said that all-season tyres were neither a good summer tyre nor a good winter tyre. Things have progressed well, most all-season tyres are now 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake) certified. This certification is measure of quality regarding tyre performance in winter conditions. All-season tyres are now very versatile and allow you to drive safely all year round, whatever the conditions.

4x4 / SUV tyres - How to make the right choice

For all four-wheel drive vehicles, it's important to always change all 4 tyres at the same time and fit identical tyres on all 4 wheels of the vehicle. For SUV tyres that are mainly used in cities, you can use the same criteria as for a city car.

For 4x4off-road tyres, you need to opt for a reinforced structure and sidewalls. Wider studs and a higher groove rate allow for maximum grip in all conditions (mud, sand...).

Can I put regular tyres on my caravan or motorhome?

We advise against fitting conventional tyres to your caravans and motorhomes. Caravan tyres and motorhome tyres need to support a higher load compared to regular car tyres, so it's important to go for an appropriate model. If you choose a conventional tyre, you may see your tyres wear out more quickly or burst due to overloading. It's usually better to spend a little extra for a more specialised product.

Special tyres

Some car manufacturers have decided to equip their vehicles with runflat tyres or rim protection edge tyres.

Runflat tyres allow you to drive even with a puncture while driving at 50m/h for 50m.

Tyres with protective edges provide rim protection during manoeuvring. No more little scratches on your wheels when you get too close to the kerb.

If winter conditions are extreme where you live, you may need Nordic tyres or studded tyres.

Nordic tyres are even more efficient than winter tyres. Grip on snow and ice is increased, braking distances are reduced. This tyre is a good compromise before moving on to studded tyres.

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