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Quality snow chains at discount prices

Think safe for the coming winter especially if you will drive on snowy mountain roads.

TyreLeader offers a wide selection of snow chains for your car. They will provide outstanding grip on snow and ice.

Easy to mount and dismount, they are adapted to all categories of vehicles and to all budgets.

Your car

When winter comes, you will probably be driving on snowy roads. To drive safely on a snowy or icy road, it is important that you have the right equipment available. With snow chains or snow socks you will be able to maintain maximum grip.

How do you choose between all these accessories?

Look at the space available in the wheel arch.

If your vehicle's wheel arch is larger than 4 cm, you can mount chains with any link size.

If your vehicle's wheel arch is less than 4 cm, it will be necessary to mount chains with a link of 7mm or less.

If this space is too small to allow the links of a snow chain to pass, or if it could damage your bodywork, go for snow socks.

Your manufacturer's manual will give you the value of the maximum tolerated space.

The snow sock

The snow sock is very easy to mount and use. They are not heavy to handle and quieter than snow chains.

The use of socks is approved in the same way as snow chains.

Be careful not to use the sock on bitumen, the coating may damage very quickly and tear quickly.

Finally, the socks are very cheap, so you can equip yourself at a lower cost.

The snow chain

Snow chains are effective on snowy and icy roads. They are also very resistant over time. There are two types of chain, manual tension chains or automatic tension chains.

Snow chains with manual tension need to be tensioned at least twice. A first time upon installation, a second after driving a few metres.

Automatic tension chains tighten automatically when in use, so you have nothing to worry about after installation.

How many chains or socks do you need?

The drive wheels of your vehicle must be equipped with snow chains or socks.

If you have a front-wheel drive vehicle, you need only chains on the front wheels of your vehicle.

If you have a rear-wheel drive vehicle, you need chains on the rear wheels at least, but for more comfort we also recommend fitting them to the front wheels that do the steering.

Finally, if you have a 4x4 vehicle, you need to fit each wheel.


To ensure that your installation of winter equipment goes as smoothly as you would like, we recommend that you do at least one test setup at home before you hit the road.

If you go skiing, consider leaving your equipment accessible in the boot. Include a pair of gloves, a headlamp and a plastic bag which will protect your knees during installation of your equipment and then give you somewhere to store your gloves.

Remember: When driving with chains or socks, you should not exceed a speed of 50Km/h (30mph).

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