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Blue Print ADG05532

Price per unit
43.59 per liter
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Content [litre] :
1 L
Colour :
Observe service information
Specification :
AISIN-WARNER AW-1, ATF AW-1, ATF SP-II, ATF SP-II M, ATF SP-III, ATF T-IV, BMW ATF 6, CHRYSLER ATF +4, Daihatsu Alumix ATF, DEXRON III, Renault ELFMATIC J6, Fiat Typo T-IV, FIAT 9.55550-AV1, FIAT 9.55550-AV2, Ford WSS-M2C922-A1, FORD WSS-M2C924-A, Honda ATF Z-I, HONDA DW-1, Isuzu Besco ATF-II, Isuzu Besco ATF-III, JASO M315 Typ 1A, Kia SP-II / SP-III, Kia SP-IV RR, Mazda ATF D-III, Mazda ATF M-III, Mazda ATF M-V, Mitsubishi SP II, Mitsubishi SP III, Nissan ATF-Matic D, Nissan ATF-Matic J, Nissan C/D/J, NISSAN MATIC-S, Peugeot ATF AW-1, Saab ATF 3309, Subaru ATF / Special, Suzuki AW-1, Suzuki 3309, Suzuki 3317, Toyota ATF WS, Toyota Type D-2/WS, Toyota Type T-II, TOYOTA TYPE T-III, TOYOTA TYPE T-IV, Toyota WS, TUTELA GI/E, TUTELA GI/V, TUTELA VI
Weight [kg] :
0,949 Kg
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