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KABAT was founded by brothers Andrzej and Tadeusz Kabat in 1983. At the beginning it was a small craftsmen’s workshop providing services for repairing tyres and inner tubes, and all this was done in a space merely 21 m2. The activity was extended by adding the treading service of passenger tyres in 1985. Two years later, a new workshop was created (with the area of 400 m2), where the production of rubber products started. The first products were inner tube flaps for trucks, and then mud flaps for cars, swimming flippers and car rugs were added. KABAT Company made its debut at KOOPERACJA fair in Poznañ in 1987, and from that moment on we have been a regular participant of numerous fairs both in Poland and abroad. Appearance at trade fairs allowed it to learn, acquire new experience and gain the trust of clients.

1989 saw the start of production of goods which have become our strategic product and our showcase – inner tubes. Passenger inner tubes left KABAT company’s production lines as the first; as time passed the range was extended by motorbike, agricultural, truck and bicycle inner tubes.

In 1990, the still developing company began a new stage of its activity, where a production plant for rubber mixtures with an area of 420m2 was built. The production of rubber mixtures took place on two rolling mills – in this way the company made itself independent from the delivery of mixtures for production of rubber goods. And yet, a dynamic increase in the sale of inner tubes and rubber goods caused both operating plants to lose efficiency.

1994 was a crucial year for the KABAT Company. The construction of a new plant with an area of 12.8 hectares in the suburbs of Budzyñ was started. A year later saw the first production in the new plant (rubber mixtures production). Finally, in 1997, the whole company moved to the new facilities (today it has a total area of 8,300 m2).

The years 2000-2002 were the period of the laboratory and ready-made goods and raw materials warehouse expansion. The following year saw further improvement of the plant – the mixer for the production of rubber mixtures was exchanged, which increased the production capacity by 50%. Further investments included: beginning of work on the implementation of the integrated system of EN ISO 9001:2000, EN 14001:2004, PN-N-18001:2004 and an auditor choice. Preparatory work began in 2004 with a final audit scheduled for the second quarter of 2006. The company also undertook further actions aimed at improving services were investments in rubber recycling, which started in 2005.

All these initiatives enabled the company to achieve European standards and to maintain the high unchanged level of service and ensure customers’ satisfaction.

KABAT employs 900 people and is one of the biggest employers in the region. Whether in production, sales or management of the company, specialists are carefully selected.

In the space of a few years, Kabat - like many other world respected companies, including IT magnates - has grown from a small workshop to a large production plant, managed efficiently and constantly developing. It occupies a site of 3.5 hectares, including 30,000 m2 dedicated to production facilities, the warehouse and administrative offices.

It currently sells its products in more than 90 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and North and South America.

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