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BERLIN Tires is Berlin Tires Europe GmbH's new ultra-high performance tyre brand.
The company, which operates worldwide, is based in the German capital city of Berlin.
It offers a broad range of high quality products for a wide variety of services.
BERLIN Tires designs tyres for high-end vehicles. Its tyres are high quality and 100% "German designed". This guarantees that you benefit from a quality of irreproachable quality at a fair price.
BERLIN Tires has established its name as no other city embodies Germany as much as its capital, which is both the centre of political power and also a symbol of freedom and aesthetics.
Demanding vehicle owners also want their tyres to combine power on the road and aesthetic perfection.

BERLIN Tires offers high quality products on the world tyre market. Thanks to cutting edge Industry 4.0 manufacturing technology, the brand's engineers have developed new rubber compounds as well as special tyre profiles able not only to reduce noise but also to improve road holding (in both wet and dry conditions) relative to other rival productst. A single product combining a whole set of exceptional qualities at an affordable price: another distinctive and positive trait of BERLIN tyres!

People frequently ask why a tyre brand is named after a capital city. Once again, the creators of BERLIN tyres thought long and hard and came to the following conclusion: International atmosphere, high tech, cultural diversity, creativity, speed and slowness, aesthetics, modernity and tradition: these are the values that do not coexist better anywhere else than in the German capital. Berlin is regarded around the world as a multicultural city and at the cutting edge of technology. A constantly vibrant city with immense diversity and a unique way of life. This technological avant-gardism, the city's sense of life and creativity and incessant activity are reflected in BERLIN Tires products. And that is why the name of these new high-end products, designed for sporty drivers and attaching importance to quality at a reasonable price, was inspired by the German capital.

BERLIN Tires engineers are passionate about developing tyres and want to offer their customers a "new generation of high-quality products at affordable prices". It is no longer enough to drive a prestigious sports car: you also need the right tyres for these vehicles. However, no one should have to miss out on quality tyres, offering maximum comfort and the highest possible level of safety. Developing all these qualities was an extremely difficult task, which the developers at BERLIN Tires nevertheless managed to take on with panache. They managed to respond to all the demands they had imposed upon themselves for your product. It was even able to achieve the aim of creating a high quality tyre at an affordable price.

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