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Deli Tire motorcycle tyre

Initially specialized in the manufacture of rubber flip-flops and sandals, the Indonesian company Deli then turned to the production of tires, particularly motorcycle, scooter and moped tires. Deli Tires- (Pt. Industri Karet Deli)- sells its tires in more than fifty countries on five continents.

In its motorcycle range, Deli offers road, urban, cross or sports tires, for classic or contemporary vehicles. With its slogan "In symbiosis with the road", DeliTire offers its users efficient and safe driving on all types of roads and paths and in all weather conditions. Motorcycle tires for the road and speed lovers. Tires with a classic design but built with the latest technologies. Other tires for more adventurous bikers, lovers of freedom, or tires for city scooters in search of comfort and grip on the road, with one key word: safety first.

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