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Isse Classic T58

Manual tensioner
4.0 /5 (33 reviews)
Isse Classic T58
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  • Made in Spain
  • TÜV approved, suitable for high mountain roads (sign B26)
  • ULTRA weave socks reinforced with Tribologic process
  • Effective and resistant up to 50 km/h, machine washable


145/80 R13
155/80 R13
165/70 R13
175/65 R13
175/70 R13
185/65 R13
185/70 R13
195/60 R13
195/65 R13
205/60 R13
215/60 R13
225/55 R13


135/80 R14
145/70 R14
145/80 R14
155/65 R14
155/70 R14
165/60 R14
165/70 R14
175/60 R14
175/65 R14
185/55 R14
185/60 R14
195/55 R14
195/60 R14
205/50 R14
205/55 R14


125/80 R15
135/70 R15
145/65 R15
145/70 R15
155/60 R15
155/65 R15
165/60 R15
175/50 R15
175/55 R15
175/60 R15
185/50 R15
185/55 R15
195/45 R15
195/50 R15
205/50 R15
215/45 R15


175/50 R16
185/50 R16
195/40 R16
195/45 R16
205/40 R16
205/45 R16
215/40 R16
225/40 R16
255/35 R16


195/40 R17
215/35 R17
225/35 R17

33 customer comments

4.0 out of 5 stars

Ease of use 4.5 /5
Road handling 4.5 /5
Respect of the rims 4.5 /5
Value for money 4.5 /5
Noise 4.0 /5
Comfort 4.0 /5

Customer reviews

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Not even driven a kilometer and the first holes are in the tire. Threads hang out and run the risk of getting caught somewhere. Maybe you can drive better uphill in the snow with them than without them (chains are much better), but fundamentally a bad purchase.

No complaints about the grip and the assembly is quick and effective, even uphill. The only downside is that the seams on one of the socks have come loose.... Let's see what customer service will do about it, but I still recommend it because it is very effective.

Not yet used


Used 3 km on fresh snow, uncleared road, less than 40 km/h. And already quite worn in several places. I would like a refund or an exchange, please.


Good product

Good We are satisfied Thank you

I mounted them for the first time when I went skiing in Courchevelle, easy to mount, good grip on the snow, but of course you should not exceed 50 km/h and remove them quickly when there is no more snow, otherwise they will quickly deteriorate.

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