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Ottinger snow chains

Ottinger Snow chains

The German manufacturer Ottinger is one of the best suppliers of chains for snow, ice and safety applications since 1965. Ottinger snow devices are convincing with their high quality and the pattented systems that makes fitting particularly easy and quick. They are TUV certified and very often come first in the rankings organized by specialized magazines.

In addition to producing traditional and innovating snow chains, Ottinger also specializes in the production of models for very specific applications, user training, checking performance, repair and modifications of snow chains. Ottinger is now very popular, all the more so in regions of heavy snow where it inspires confidence and safety. Ottinger snow systems are designed for almost all wheeled- vehicles.

Easy 4X4

Manual tensioner
Ottinger Easy 4X4 From147,20

Light RS

  • Outstanding grip on snow and ice.
  • Reversible desin ofr enhanced life.
  • Quick and easy fitting.
Manual tensioner
Ottinger Light RS From98,49


Manual tensioner
Ottinger Marathon-E From142,98

Maxi GS

  • Easy, stationary fitting
  • Excellent grip on snow, ice and slush.
Manual tensioner
Ottinger Maxi GS From120,49


  • Enhanced protection of aluminium rims.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Mounting on stationary vehicles.
Manual tensioner
Ottinger O-Tec From162,99

Otec 4X4

Manual tensioner
Ottinger Otec 4X4 From254,59


Automatic tensioner
Ottinger Selfy From169,69

Selfy 4X4

Automatic tensioner
Ottinger Selfy 4X4 From174,59