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Motorcycle tyres Bridgestone

Bridgestone motorcycle tyre

The tyre manufacturer Bridgestone dedicates special care to its rnage of motorcycle tyres. Bridgestone has made motorcycle tyres since the 1960's Today 30% of the new motorcycles supplied on the french market are fitted with Bridgestone tyres as original equipment

The Japanese manufacturer is now focusing all its efforts to improve the quality and performance of its tyres for better customer satisfaction. The latest tyre that took on this challenge is the Battlax T30.

The Japanese manufacturer hired 100 motorbike drivers to test it. The goal is to try the new tyre in real life conditions in order to ensure regular bike drivers have optimal quality tyres.

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Technology from Bridgestone

DBC (Enhanced Maneuverability)

DBC (Enhanced Maneuverability)
The rear Battlax BT-012SS tires follow a revolutionary design featuring a double belt. The single-spiral belt is complemented by a belt at each shoulder. This design ensures excellent grip in curves, combined with unparalleled handling and shock absorption. In addition, the central part of the tread is left free, making straight-line driving more stable.

5LC (Maximum cornering traction)

5LC (Maximum cornering traction)
Born from the fertile minds of Bridgestone's MotoGP engineers, the 5LC technology for rear tires stands out by combining 5 layers of 3 different rubber compounds. : The center of the tread favors stability and lifespan thanks to a hard compound, the shoulders offer incredible traction thanks to a medium rubber and finally the outer part allows extreme grip in curves thanks to a high grip compound. In the end, an innovative technology at the service of a breathtaking experience!

MS-BELT (Less heat build-up and more stability)

MS-BELT (Less heat build-up and more stability)
All Battlax rear tires benefit from a monospiral belt construction. This is a single continuous aramid band wound around the entire circumference of the tire. The uniqueness of the band eliminates overlap of layers, welds or joints and brings an unknown lightness to the standard cross-belt design. The monospiral belt drastically reduces any heating that occurs during the rotation of the tire. The result is increased stability and improved shock absorption efficiency.


Exclusive Bridgestone technology for the development of tires that can measure and visualize the behavior of the tire contact surface under real driving conditions. Previously, tire development involved conducting simulations, building prototypes, and using laboratory measurements as well as real vehicle tests to verify performance. ULTIMAT EYE™ reproduces in the laboratory high-speed driving conditions equivalent to those of a real vehicle, allowing the visualization of the tire contact surface behavior. In addition to previous real vehicle tests, this allows for high-precision analysis and performance verification on a solid scientific basis. Using technology designed to develop tires for the most demanding car and motorcycle races in the world, the measurement and analysis equipment can withstand speeds of up to 400 km/h and tilt angles of up to 60 degrees.
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