Frequently asked questions

Are the tyres sold on the Internet the same as those at my repair shop/ dealer ?

Yes. All tyres are new.

Where can I get the tyres bought on the internet fitted ?

No problem about the fitting, you can select the car workshop that will receive and mount your tyres directly on our site when your order your tyres. You can also get delivered at your home address and go to one of our partners listed on our site to get them fitted.

What is the shipping time for tyres ?

We inform you of the delivery time directly in the cart. Our shipping methods are fast and reliable.

In case I'm away from home at the delivery, what should I do ?

It isn't a problem. The carrier will leave a notice with all the necessary information you need to contact them and set a new delivery time. If you don't contact the carrier, they will nevertheless come a second time for the delivery. In case you're still away from home, the tyres will be at your disposal for 15 days at a local storage facility.

Is the payment secure ?

The payment is secured by the company HIPAY, an expert in online transaction. HIPAY is reknown for the safety of its transaction. Risk free transactions on our site thanks to the encryption technology 3D Secure.

Are the tyres displayed on the site in stock ?

Definitely, The tyres you can browse on the site are all in stock and can be delivered quickly.

Can I track my order ?

Definitely, We will give you the tracking numbers for each of your parcels.

In case I choose the delivery at a fitting center, will they call me upon delivery ?

Definitely, On delivery, the fitting center will call you to set an appointment. You can also know when your tyres are delivered thanks to the tracking number.