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Alloy wheel : Give your car exceptional style.

As a tyre specialist, TyreLeader offers a large selection of wheels to equip your vehicle

With around 100 wheel brands in stock, we are committed to fully satisfy your expectations with guarantee of the best price In order to suit all budgets and all tastes, our full brand database is available online. Make the most of our expertise and learn about the technical specificities and highlights of each brand thanks to the detailed descriptions by our experts. We have uploaded a great many pictures to help your select your wheels in the best conditions possible.

A small city car ? a sporty sedan ? or an imposing 4x4 ? You are in the right place to find the cheap wheel that will spruce up your car. Save time and order your discount wheels and tyres in one go on TyreLeader. Give your car a distinctive look.

So you have decided to change the look of your car, your rims are damaged or worn and it is time for you to find new wheels. Let us give you some tips on what to consider when choosing your wheels.

The choice of diameter

The bigger the diameter of your rims, the sleeker the look of your car. An increase in the diameter of your rim results in a decrease in the height of the tyre sidewall. The height of the tyre sidewall plays an important role in the suspension, if you increase the diameter of the rim too much it is possible that you will reduce your comfort. A decrease in the sidewall height reduces roll. It is necessary to find the right compromise.

The choice of width

A rim width can accommodate multiple tyre widths. You can find these values in our correspondence table. Note, when changing width and diameter, make sure to keep the dimensional equivalence of the originals.

The type of spoke

Very often we forget to consider it, but the choice of rim spoke is important. Thin spokes allow better cooling of the brakes. A rim with a simple design and space between spokes allows easy cleaning of brake dust when washing your car.

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