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AEZ Raise (Shiny)
7.5x17 ET44 5x105 56.6

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AEZ Raise 7.5x17 ET44 5x105 56.6

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Please enter the vehicle associated with your aluminium wheel rims.

If your vehicle is not in the proposed list, please contact us here specifying the wheel rim and the vehicle that you wish to associate with it.

1 Width7.5"
2 Diameter17"
Number of bolts5
3 Hole circle105 mm
4 Offset44 mm
5 Center bore56.6 mm
Size aluminium rims
Rim widthMinimum tyre widthRecommended tyre widthMaximum tyre width
7.5" (190 mm)195 mm205 mm to 215 mm225 mm