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What are the best enduro tyres?

  • Michelin Enduro Competition III
  • Michelin Enduro
  • Metzeler Enduro3 Sahara
  • Metzeler Karoo Extreme
  • Dunlop D908 RR
  • Dunlop Geomax Enduro
  • Metzeler MCE 6 Days Extreme
  • Pirelli Scorpion PRO FIM
  • Bridgestone Gritty ED668

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Enduro is a motorcycling sport discipline that is sometimes practiced on rough and very technical roads. To fully indulge in it and fully enjoy the sensations it provides without endangering oneself, it is necessary to be well equipped. Speaking of equipment, tires are among the main parts characterizing an enduro motorcycle. Their quality and condition greatly influence driving comfort and road handling. Therefore, they should not be chosen at random. Several criteria must be taken into account. Which ones? Discover in this guide our good advice for choosing the best enduro tires.

What are the characteristics of enduro tires?

Enduro tires are equipment made from two very high-performance materials: rubber and silica. The use of these materials allows manufacturers to produce tires whose grip on a dry or wet surface is much higher than that of classic motocross wheels. They are characterized by massive studs (at the level of the tire shoulders) and a very reinforced sculpture. Finally, these sports tires are equipped with technology that reduces their rolling resistance.

When to change enduro tires?

In general, two situations can lead you to change your enduro tires: tire wear and premature deterioration after a puncture.

In case of wear

It is the massive studs of the enduro tires that allow them to offer an excellent driving experience to motorcyclists. Thus, when these essential components start to round off, it means that the wear of the rubber has started. In some cases, this wear is manifested by the tearing off of several studs under the effect of friction. If you ride with this type of tire, the performance of your motorcycle can be reduced more or less significantly depending on the nature of the terrain on which you practice enduro. These are therefore signals that should alert you to the condition of your tires.

Another way to know if your equipment needs to be changed is to check the condition of the wear indicator (small rubber bumps) located between the studs at the level of the tread. If the sculptures are damaged, and the wear indicators are reached, you are legally required to replace your tires, under penalty of a fine.

Also keep in mind that an enduro tire that wears unevenly or asymmetrically should be changed as soon as possible for performance and safety reasons. Braking distances are better with good new tires, and this is very important for sporty driving, especially in corners.

After one or more punctures

Enduro practice is not done on a flat road and sometimes requires riding on tracks where sharp objects are found. These can penetrate one of your superior quality tires at any time and leave a deep cut. When no repair is possible, it becomes mandatory to change the punctured part.

What are the criteria to consider when choosing enduro tires?

To buy the best quality enduro tire, you must take into consideration a number of criteria. The most important are: the approval of the treads, their dimensions, the type of terrain on which you ride, and the brand of the equipment.

The approval

Approval is one of the first points to check when buying enduro tires. For you to be able to drive safely and ride on tracks open to traffic, your equipment must be FIM approved. This certification is awarded to tires that have successfully undergone a series of rigorous tests (carried out by reference organizations) to gauge their performance. Most of the time, FIM-approved tires are mandatory to participate in enduro competitions.

In the absence of FIM certification, check if the tire tread you are about to buy has a DOT number on its side. This is an American origin marking that is also increasingly found on tires made in Europe. It provides information about the factory where the equipment comes from, its size, and its date of manufacture. You will need it to participate in certain competitions.

The E marking is a European approval mark. It certifies that the equipment complies with regulation number 30 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe relating to tire approval.

Note that these various approvals are not really mandatory if you only do races on grass. In this case, you can choose any high-performance tire.

The dimensions

If this is the first time you are changing your tire, you can refer to the dimensions of your original wheels to make your choice and take the right tire. This is the simplest and fastest option. However, if for one reason or another, you want to mount tires with characteristics different from those of your original equipment on your rims, you can indicate the new dimensions to your seller. Be careful not to exceed the limits tolerated by law, because in addition to the sanctions you risk, mounting cheap, unsuitable and poor quality tires on your two-wheeler can put you in danger on the road.

The dimensions of an enduro tire are generally as follows: 140/80-18 70R.

Here, the first number (140) designates the width of the tire in millimeters. The second inscription (80) designates the height/width ratio in percentage. The third information refers to the diameter of the rim. It is estimated in inches.

The last two inscriptions (70R) respectively designate the load index and the speed index. A load index of 70 means that the new tire can support a maximum weight of 335 kg. The R mention means that the tire tread of the wheel can run at a maximum speed of 170 km/h.

Thus, if you have doubts about the performance of a tire, you can consult the tables of speed and load indices (available on the internet) to ensure that the product really meets your needs.

The type of terrain

The characteristics of the terrain on which you often ride should guide you when choosing your enduro motorcycle tires. If you evolve a lot on a very slippery, soft or wet terrain, you can choose a model of soft enduro tire that has spaced studs. This will promote the rapid clearance of mud, water and sand without you having to make additional maneuvers.

If you practice enduro on hard terrain, then you need a rigid and solid rubber. But be careful, the studs should not be extremely hard otherwise they risk being quickly damaged after a few brakes.

All versatile tires (halfway between soft and hard) will perfectly suit sandy terrains and loose soils. You can also choose models specially designed for sandy roads.

The brand

All models of enduro tires available on the market are not equal. Some major brands are more efficient than others. That's why you should pay attention to this variable when making your choice. Favor products from major manufacturers known for their very sharp know-how and expertise. In this category, we can mention:

By getting new tires suitable for your vehicle from the catalog of one of these manufacturers, you are sure to have high-performance equipment that has a good quality/price ratio.

Of course, there are also many other brands like Continental. Some are less prestigious, but also offer very good quality enduro tires. In any case, do your research well and choose the manufacturer that best meets your expectations.

Where to buy your enduro tires?

To buy your enduro tires, you have two choices: online purchase and in-store purchase.

What are the advantages of online shopping?

Buying your enduro tires online allows you to get them at the best price. In a few minutes, you can compare the offers of different online stores to choose the one that is the most affordable and the most interesting in terms of performance (quality-price).

On an online sales platform, you can also consult the opinions posted by former buyers when choosing a model of tires. This can guide you in your decision-making.

Finally, online, you have access to a very large collection of tires that will give you plenty of choice. So you won't have to make a choice out of constraint.

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Some tips to improve the longevity of your tires

To reduce the speed of wear of your enduro tires, you can put into practice some very simple tips:

  • Avoid riding too much on asphalt (as much as possible) ;
  • Regularly check the pressure level of your tires ;
  • Avoid as much as possible any sudden braking ;
  • Always visually check your wheels before hitting the road.

In short, remember that to choose your new enduro tires, you must take into account several criteria: the approval of the tires, the type of terrain on which you ride, the dimensions of your original equipment, the brand… For the purchase of new tires from major brands, make your choice now in the catalog of, go to a partner mounting center, and enjoy the best prices on the market.

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