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Buy utility/trail quad tyres offers a very wide choice of tyres in the "utility/trail quad tyres" range. We keep a close eye on the prices of competitors and always bring our prices in line with the lowest price to give you the best deal.

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What are the best utility/trail quad tyres?

  • Maxxis Big Horn
  • Sun F A-033
  • Innova Mud Gear
  • Carlisle ACT
  • Artrax Countrax

Most popular sizes:

Utility quads are generally heavier than track or leisure quads. They also travel on more difficult roads. For these reasons, in order to choose tires for utility quads, it is necessary to select specific models. Among these, utility/all-terrain quad tires are the appropriate choice. How are they different? What are the best brands of utility quad tires? Here is the guide that offers you to know everything about utility/all-terrain quad tires.

The design of the tires

Utility/all-terrain quad tires must be able to tow heavy loads. They must also evolve easily on extreme paths, soft, rocky or muddy terrains. For this, their tread is carved with V shapes, and very large lugs compared to other types of quad tires.

With the dimensions and shape of the lugs, utility quad tires have a very high grip and residue clearance power. Thus, they can progress on hiking trails and difficult courses without problem.

As for their profile, it is generally rounded. Thus, the tires have great stability on sloping roads and good resistance on difficult routes to practice. However, for vehicles to also progress comfortably on the road, outside of difficult paths, this type of tire has a fairly flat profile, even if it remains less flat than that of sport quad tires.

The pressure required for quad tires

The pressure required for the operation of quad tires varies depending on the type of tire. For utility quad tires, a pressure between 0.2 and 0.5 bar is required, while the following values are required for other models:

  • A pressure between 0.4 and 0.9 bar for road quad tires;
  • A pressure between 0.4 and 0.7 bar for sport quad tires;
  • A pressure between 0.2 and 0.4 bar for leisure quad tires.

How to interpret the inscriptions on a utility/all-terrain quad tire?

To buy quad tires that match the characteristics of your vehicle, you must decipher the indications that are on the model that interests you and compare them to the model you are currently using. You can read by example the marking: 25 x 10 – 12 on the sides of a model. This represents its dimensions. The first number corresponds to the height, the second to the width of the tire and the third indicates the rim diameter.

You will find other indications like E4 which indicates that a tire is Road Approved. nPR (n represents a number) indicates the number of plies of the model. For utility/all-terrain quad tires, the number of plies is generally 6, and some models have 4. So you can see 6PR, or 4PR.

If you do not correctly identify the dimensions of your current tires or have doubts, do not hesitate to ask advice from the teams at

Can the dimensions of a utility quad's tires be changed?

To choose your tires, it is important to always select copies whose dimensions are adapted to the diameter of the vehicle's rim. Sometimes, in rare cases, the rim will need to be changed to match the new tires that you want to adopt.

However, even with your current rims, it is possible to change the dimensions of the tires you use. Larger values for the height and width of the wheels can improve road holding.

In wanting to change the dimensions of utility/all-terrain quad tires, increase the front and rear in the same way. This will avoid an imbalance that can degrade driving comfort and put you in danger.

In addition, for changing the dimensions of utility or all-terrain quad tires, know that in general the rim tolerates more or less 2 points for height, and 1 point for width. However, even while respecting this rule, make sure during assembly that the new wheels do not touch the mechanical elements of the utility vehicle.

For example, if the original dimensions are 25 x 8 – 12, you can choose new models with the dimensions 26 x 9 – 12.

When should you change all-terrain quad tires?

Many signs can tell you that it's high time to change the quad tires of your all-terrain SSV or a agricultural machine. A puncture is rather rare on this type of wheels. But, be attentive to the following signs of wear.

When they wear out, the lugs of the quad tires gradually disappear. Therefore, there is less traction during the driving, and this can be dangerous. As with classic tires, the legal wear limit is 1.6 mm if your vehicle weighs less than 3.5 tons. On many models, the wear indicator easily identifiable by the inscription TWI will be useful for checking the extent of the deterioration of the tread.

Apart from the wear of the lugs, it can happen that the sidewall of a utility/all-terrain quad tire tears. In this case, a change is necessary, because no repair is possible.

Finally, change both tires on the same axle if the difference in wear between them is too marked (more than 5 mm).

What are the major brands of utility/all-terrain quad tires?

With the high weight of the vehicles they have to tow and the difficult paths taken, quad tires must be of high quality. For this, offers you the best tires selected from the catalogs of reliable major brands.

One of those with a good reputation is Maxxis. You will find among our offers the best-seller of this manufacturer: the Maxxis Big Horn. It has angled and well-spaced bars, on the tread and shoulders. This configuration allows it to be perfect for muddy areas or rocky paths, and to maintain maximum traction despite obstacles.

Sun F is another major brand whose model A-033 is very popular. With aggressive, non- directional sculptures, it's an exceptional off-road tire that offers maximum ground grip and smooth driving.

The Innova catalog also offers high-quality utility/all-terrain quad tires. On muddy paths, with many obstacles, the self-cleaning profile of Innova's Mud Gear offers good performance for example.

You can also choose brands like Carlisle (with the ACT model, All Condition Tire, road approved) and Artrax (with a Countrax tire). These manufacturers offer products that have good value for money.

Have your tires mounted by professionals offers you free shipping from 2 identical tires purchased, in 24-72 hours. To help you carry out the assembly of your tires with ease, we have partnerships with about 100 garages in Ireland. Not all of them know how to mount quad tires, you have to check the quad filter.

With our network of partners, you can generally find at the best prices a tire mounting center less than 5 km from your home. Other useful services for the maintenance of your utility vehicle, agricultural machine or quad used for off-roading, are also offered.

In addition to the assembly itself, a professional mechanic will also ensure the balancing and valving. Balancing is mandatory for the passenger car tire to avoid vibrations. But for quad tires, the operation is only recommended if you take the road. Good valving allows the tire to maintain its seal. The valve also undergoes a lot of pressure during driving. A well-done valving is by therefore important for you to be able to drive safely.

How to improve the lifespan of utility/all-terrain quad tires?

All-terrain SSVs, agricultural vehicles and quads used for off-roading on paths are used on roads and trails in poor condition. This accelerates tire wear. However, apart from this, the longevity of your tires depends on several parameters including your driving style and speed, the load that the tires support and the quality of the tire rubber. Therefore, even when you choose tires like those sold by, with superior quality rubber, do not overload your vehicle.

It is also essential to check the tire pressure at least once a month. Good pressure allows you to avoid maximum bursting and premature tire wear, as well as loss of vehicle control.

When you notice a more or less significant loss of pressure, you can call on one of the partner centers of our brand. A professional can then check that there are no small perforations, or an air leak (valve, tire/rim contact area…) and make possible repairs in time.

In conclusion, in order to make an online tire purchase for quads, utilities and SSVs, trust and our reliable partners.

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