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What are the best leisure/track quad tyres?

  • Carlisle Trail Wolf
  • Carlisle Mud Wolf
  • BKT AT-112
  • BKT AT-110
  • SUN F A041
  • SUN F A031
  • SUN F A027
  • SUN F A017
  • SUN F A011
  • SUN F A013
  • SUN F A004
  • Kenda K585 Bounty Hunter HT Radial
  • Kenda K530 Pathfinder

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A quad needs suitable tires to be able to ride on different types of terrains. For example, to evolve on track, the tires of a quad must necessarily be equipped with studs. These allow the vehicle to easily evacuate the earth and debris to be able to evolve. How to choose leisure/track quad tires? When should we change its wheels to avoid endangering oneself? Discover all the answers in this guide.

Leisure/track quad tires: characteristics

Leisure/track quad tires are equipped with studs that allow them to offer good grip on most surfaces. These tires are perfectly suitable for adult vehicles and those intended for children. Leisure/track quad tires are also called mixed quad tires, as they allow you to easily switch from the track to the road, for walks. This is why they are often approved for the road. Very versatile, they offer optimal comfort of use on soft and earthy surfaces.

When should I change my track quad tires?

Two situations may prompt you to change the tires on your four-wheeler.

When your tires are worn

Over the miles, the rubber of quad tires gradually wears out. This wear is manifested by the gradual disappearance of the studs that cover the surface of the tread of these wheels. This usually causes a loss of vehicle grip and you can no longer drive safely. The braking time also becomes longer than normal since the brake pads become ineffective.

Another way to check the condition of your quad tires is to monitor the wear indicators level which are located on their tread, between the studs. If they are reached, it means that your tires are completely worn out. You must then change them, at the risk of being penalized in case of road control if you do not. However, we advise you not to wait until your rubbers reach the level of wear indicators to change them. As soon as your studs start to round off, think about mounting new wheels on your vehicle. Thus, you will not notice a too significant performance drop or weak traction.

When your quad tires are punctured

When new tires are punctured and there is no possible repair, you must proceed to a replacement. You may face a puncture if a sharp object penetrates one of your wheels and tears it on the side. This can cause a hernia or a deformation of the tire structure, thus making driving painful, even impossible (after the loss of pressure).

Moreover, since quad tires generally do not have an inner tube, it is advisable to change them if you have already repaired them many times. You will thus avoid having poor road holding and many embarrassing situations.

How do I know the dimensions of my original leisure/track quad tires?

Knowing the dimensions of your original leisure/track quad tires will be very useful when buying your new wheels. You will be able to use this information to quickly find what you need thanks to the search tool of The indications relating to the dimensions of a quad tire are found on its flank. They are presented as follows: 22/10-12.

These figures represent respectively:

  • The height of the wheel;
  • The width of the tire (from one side to the other);
  • The diameter of the rim.

All these values are expressed in inches. So it's a slightly different notation from that of car tire dimensions.

Can I change the dimensions of my leisure/track quad tires?

The short answer to this question is yes. However, there are certain rules to follow when you decide to buy tires whose dimensions are different from those recommended by your quad manufacturer.

First, you must ensure that the change in dimensions is done in the same proportions at the front as at the rear. In other words, if you decide to increase the height of your rear tires by one unit, you must do the same for those in front in order to restore balance. If you do not, you risk unbalancing your vehicle, which will cause a drastic change in behavior. It will then be difficult for you to control it.

Secondly, keep in mind that to change the dimensions of your quad tires, you must not exceed (more or less) one unit in width and 2 units in height.

For example, if your original wheels are 25/8-12 in size, you can choose new tires of 27/9-12 dimensions.

Of course, you will also need to ensure that your new tires do not touch the quad frame, above the wheel.

How to choose leisure/track quad tires?

To choose leisure/track quad tires with good longevity from the ranges that exist on the market, here are some essential criteria:

  • Approval;
  • The shape of the profile;
  • The number of plys (or folds);
  • The configuration of the studs.


If you want to fully enjoy your quad on public roads, you must choose an approved quad tire. Why is this important? First, because it's necessary to drive on roads open to the public. If you drive a quad equipped with non-approved tires on a public road, you risk getting a fine in case of road control. In addition, you will not be safe, since non-road approved tires have not been designed for this use. Finally, in case of an accident, you could also see your file rejected by your insurer.

So, how to recognize models for quads approved for road use in the ranges of tires for sale? It is enough to check if they carry the E4 inscription on their flanks. We advise you to always choose these types of tires.

The shape of the profile

A quad tire for the track can have a flat or domed profile depending on your preferences. In general, wheels that have a flat profile adhere well to the road and allow the vehicle they equip to gain in traction. However, these are tires that significantly reduce driving comfort and make direction changes difficult. For this, we advise you not to choose them if you are looking for tires to equip your front wheels. By against, they are very efficient when they are mounted at the rear.

Tires with a domed profile, on the other hand, adapt perfectly to different types of terrain (due to their shape) and do not harden the vehicle's steering. They, however, offer limited performance in terms of grip and traction. These tires should be mounted at the front of your quad.

The number of plys

Plys refer to the reinforcement layers that are integrated into a tire's carcass. The higher their number, the more solid and resistant your wheel will be. Keep in mind, however, that if you choose a new tire with many plys, you will lose flexibility, and this could affect your driving comfort. So do you prefer flexibility and comfort? Or rather resistance and stability? The choice is yours depending on your preferences.

The configuration of the studs

The studs are essential components of a new quad tire for leisure or track. They are the ones that allow the vehicle to move forward correctly. For this, you must study their configuration carefully when making your choice. Avoid at all costs leisure/track quad tires whose studs (taken individually) extend over the entire width of the tread. This is a bad configuration that does not promote the rapid evacuation of sand, mud, and debris. Opt instead for rubbers whose studs come in different shapes and sizes.

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