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Buy road-approved quad tyres offers a very wide choice of tyres in the "road-approved quad tyres" range. We keep a close eye on the prices of competitors and always bring our prices in line with the lowest price to give you the best deal.

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What are the best road-approved quad tyres?

  • Maxxis M-932 Razr
  • Maxxis MU-01 Zilla
  • Maxxis M-917 Bighorn
  • Maxxis M-933 Razr 2
  • Maxxis MU-10 Bighorn 2
  • Sun f A033
  • Sun f A043
  • Artrax AT-1206 MX Trax Racing
  • Kenda K530 Pathfinder
  • Kenda K587 Bearclaw HTR
  • Kenda K572 Road GO
  • ITP Holeshot XCR

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If you want to take advantage of the true performance of your quad, you must first choose good tires. Indeed, it is uncomfortable and dangerous to drive on city roads with off-road tires for rough trails. To use your quad on the road, you need tires approved for open roads. These are different from other tires in several aspects. Discover in this guide our expert advice to find good quality tires.

What are the characteristics of road-approved quad tires?

As its name suggests, the road-approved quad tire is suitable for driving on public roads. This type of tire is similar to the classic tires of cars. Although it is not very studded (unlike those that are found on sports quads), it is perfectly suited to asphalt and its grooves are optimized for easily evacuating water from the road. However, it is not suitable for extreme paths. A road-approved tire is recognized by the E4 mention present on the sides.

Apart from tires specially designed for road driving, it is possible to find others that are "all terrain" and sometimes road-approved. Unlike the first ones, these are less efficient. Since they are made for both city driving and extreme trails, their performance remains average on the road. They are made to allow you to reach a path legally.

Why choose road-approved quad tires?

Models of quad tires that have received approval for the road offer an excellent driving experience and braking distances are optimal. This therefore contributes to road safety. Moreover, it allows you to drive on public roads without risking a fine or immobilization of the vehicle.

Moreover, insurance will take this criterion into account to compensate you in case of an accident. Insurance companies consider that you are solely responsible for your accident when you drive on an open road with non-compliant tires.

When should a road-approved quad tire be replaced?

Tires are the only points of contact between the vehicle and the ground. But despite their importance, they are often neglected until a noticeable breakdown occurs. To drive a Diesel or gasoline road quad well, you must be attentive to know if it is time to change your tires or not. Some unpredictable situations like a puncture force you to replace the tires. If it is possible to repair them, it is not always obvious. If the tire sidewall is torn, replacement is the only option available to you since it is not possible to make a repair in this case.

Apart from breakdowns, tire wear can force you to change them. Over the kilometers, the studs of your tires wear out slowly until they disappear. Driving with tires in a state of extreme wear exposes you to significant risks. Indeed, the more worn the quad tires are, the less there is perfect traction. The slightest skid can cause an accident. According to the Highway Code, the wear limit not to be exceeded is 1.6 mm. If the rubber reaches this level, you risk a fine in case of a road check. You also put yourself in danger.

Knowing the dimensions of the wheels to choose your quad tires

For your tires to be perfectly suited to road driving, they must respect the dimensions recommended by the quad designer. Just check the information mentioned on the sidewall of the original tire. Generally, the dimensions (in inches) are mentioned in this format: Height X Width - Rim Diameter. These vary depending on whether the tires are at the front or rear.

Let's take the example of the Honda TRX250R. The tires recommended for this type of quad measure 20×10-9 for the rear and 22×7-10 for the front.

It's not just the dimensions that are mentioned on the tires. We also find the number of plies/plys. It generally varies from 2 to 8 and indicates the level of rigidity of the equipment or the thickness of the sidewall. A high number of plies is synonymous with robustness and resistance to tears. However, the tires being less flexible in this case, they will be less comfortable for the user.

As for road-approved quad tires with a low number of plies, they are very flexible and bounce easily on roads with deformations. On the other hand, they are not rigid at all. These types of tires do not absorb shocks well. They are constantly exposed to the risk of tearing.

Is it possible to change the original dimensions?

For one reason or another, you may be tempted to improve the road holding of your quad in order to make the driving experience better. In this case, changing the original dimensions of the tires is the best solution. This remains possible as long as you do not add more than 2 units in height and 1 unit in width. Beyond these measures, the tires can rub against the vehicle frame. Thus, if the recommended dimensions are 22x7-10, you can mount tires of dimensions 24×8-10 on your rims.

The risks of imbalance are frequent when changing the dimensions of the tires. To limit this, do not change the dimensions of a single front tire or a single rear tire, regardless of the type of vehicle.

The studs: an important criterion for choosing a new quad tire

The shapes of studs, there are hundreds on the market. In most cases, users choose them based on their appearance. However, the choice of a new tire should not be limited to the look of the tread or the aesthetic shape of the studs.

To fully enjoy the performance of your vehicle, the tires must easily evacuate water, stones, mud, or snow slush that infiltrates them. This is only possible with well-spaced studs.

Buy the best tires from recognized brands

With the impressive number of ranges and brands of quad tires, the choice is not simple. To put all the chances of your side, choose one of the big brands that have already proven themselves. Buying the product of a well-known manufacturer is a guarantee of good quality.

To buy road-approved quad tires that have a good longevity, Maxxis is one of the best brands. There are also other serious manufacturers like Sun F, Kenda, Artrax, and Innova. Duro is also among the brands that offer a very good value for money.

Buy your road quad tires at

Buying spare parts online is possible for all quad brands. offers several advantages, starting with the practical aspect of the services offered. With our platform, you no longer need to move around to replace your road-approved quad tires. If the product is available, from order to delivery, the purchase process is smooth and fast.

In addition to this, the cost of our products is lower than in physical stores. Indeed, it is possible to save up to 30% if you buy from rather than in a physical point of sale.

With a catalog that includes nearly 200 different brands, we offer you the opportunity to find in a few clicks the tire of your choice.

Moreover, we collaborate with numerous car garages located all over France. If you wish, a competent professional with experience in tire mounting can intervene on our recommendation after the delivery, whether you are in Nîmes, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Rennes, Marseille, Caen, Nice or other cities in France. Our partners can also carry out repairs on your quad if necessary.

How to increase the lifespan of your quad tires?

One of the tips to achieve this is to maintain optimal air pressure for the tires of your four-wheeler. Indeed, the tire pressure, whether they are new or not, has a significant influence on the road holding and the traction of the vehicle. In case of under-inflation, the vehicle's performance is reduced, especially in corners, and the fuel consumption increases. On the contrary, your safety and that of other road users are threatened.

Overinflated tires have poor grip on the ground and prevent you from driving safely. Therefore, they wear out quickly and can burst without warning. As a reminder, the air pressure required for approved models varies between 0.4 and 0.9 bar.

If you frequently use your vehicle, check the air pressure level every month. Otherwise, the check can be done every time you want to go out.

Road-approved quad tires differ from other types of tires by their flexibility and the comfort they offer to drivers. If you want to change those of your all-terrain vehicle, and buy tires that will be able to pull it well on the road, do not hesitate to consult the catalog of, specialist in the sale of tires online. Thus, even when you are not off-road, you can benefit from an optimal driving experience. Shipping costs are free from 2 identical tires purchased.

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