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Buy construction tyres offers a very wide choice of tyres in the "construction tyres" range. We keep a close eye on the prices of competitors and always bring our prices in line with the lowest price to give you the best deal.

Free delivery when you buy two lorry tyres or more on our site.

What are the best tyres for construction vehicles?

  • Dunlop SP 160
  • Dunlop SP 811
  • Cordiant VM-201
  • Bridgestone L317 EVO
  • Belshina BEL-202
  • Michelin X Works D
  • Cordiant Professional VM-1
  • Michelin X Force Z
  • Security L2G
  • Cordiant VI-243
  • Cordiant O-75
  • Kama 701
  • Antyre TB877
  • Westlake AT557
  • Fullrun TB875
  • Kama 1260
  • Falken LI-257
  • Aeolus HN228
  • Fullrun TB709
  • Linglong LLA38
  • Barum BU49
  • Dunlop SP 382
  • Linglong LLA28
  • Runderneuert SG 7 Bagger

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