235/80 R16 - Edit

18 snow chains in 235/80 R16

Learn more about the characteristics of the chains 235/80 R16 below to drive safely throughout winter.

Pewag Brenta C 4x4 XMR81V

  • Specially made for 4x4.
  • Ultra high resistance.
  • Recommended for all terrain applications.
Manual tensioner
Pewag Brenta C 4x4 250,89 4 reviews

Isse Classic T74

  • Made in Spain
  • TÜV approved, suitable for high mountain roads (sign B26)
  • ULTRA weave socks reinforced with Tribologic process
  • Effective and resistant up to 50 km/h, machine washable
Manual tensioner
Isse Classic 63,89 29 reviews

Filmer SuperGrip 18638V

  • Easy to fit
  • Good value for money
Manual tensioner
Filmer SuperGrip 86,88 1 reviews

Isse Super T74

  • Compliant and B26 approved
  • Allows you to drive at 50 KM/h
  • Quiet and vibration-free
  • Machine washable, reusable every year
  • Does not interfere with safety systems (ABS, ASR, ESP, etc.)
Manual tensioner
Isse Super 83,58 2 reviews

Snovit FixGotex Plus XXL

Manual tensioner
Snovit FixGotex Plus 64,39

Pewag Servo SUV RSV81

  • Automatic tensioning chains.
  • Designed for sport utility vehicles.
  • Pattented technology Pewag servo.
Automatic tensioner
Pewag Servo SUV 220,19 15 reviews

Pewag Snox SUV SXV600

  • Ultra simplified mounting thanks to the snox technology.
  • Optimal driving comfort.
  • Designed for sport utility vehicles.
Automatic tensioner
Pewag Snox SUV 243,79 3 reviews

Ottinger Easy 4X4 195352

Manual tensioner
Ottinger Easy 4X4 202,99

Ottinger Selfy 4X4 302550

Automatic tensioner
Ottinger Selfy 4X4 225,09 1 reviews

Ottinger Marathon-E 262550

Manual tensioner
Ottinger Marathon-E 233,58

Ottinger Speedspur 4X4 202550

Manual tensioner
Ottinger Speedspur 4X4 245,98

Weissenfels Rex TR RTR 111

  • Ideal for 4x4, minibus, pick-up, ...
  • Manual tensioning
  • ABS/ESP-compatible
Manual tensioner
Weissenfels Rex TR RTR 177,09 4 reviews

Weissenfels SUV Clack & Go RTS 111

  • Self-tensioning
  • Clack&Go patented technology
Automatic tensioner
Weissenfels SUV Clack & Go RTS 205,09 10 reviews

Ottinger Otec 4X4 062550

Manual tensioner
Ottinger Otec 4X4 272,08

Pewag Servomatik SUV RSM 81V

Automatic tensioner
Pewag Servomatik SUV 342,99

Ottinger Selfy 4X4 296158

Automatic tensioner
Ottinger Selfy 4X4 403,09 1 reviews

Ottinger Marathon 4X4 212550

Manual tensioner
Ottinger Marathon 4X4 298,18

Veriga Snow SUV Stop AND GO 13 290

Manual tensioner
Veriga Snow SUV Stop AND GO 13 233,99
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