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The name "Antares" comes from the enormous red star (Scorpius constellation) in the Galaxy, due to its excellent resistance to wear and tear, its perfect surface adaptability and its characteristics similar to those of a scorpion.

Antares is synonymous with biting aggression and durability.

Antares is the entire philosophy of the brand, which moves forward courageously and without fear. Thanks to many years of technological research and development, Antares tyres have achieved their highest level of adaptability and supremacy, ensuring regular and reliable performance. As a new force in the tyre industry, Antares represents the future and asserts its great vitality. Antares offers the native advantage of its brand, high quality technology and the innovative design of its sculptures.

To create a new tyre model with innovative technology, Antares has an effective Research & Development centre run by a professional team that strives to permanently improve its technological innovation capacity and improve products in terms of delaying wear and tear, safety and comfort to deserve the trust of vehicle owners, and worldwide... Antares tyres have already covered a variety of tyres for mid-range to high-end vehicles, all-terrain tyres, ultra-high performance tyres, snow tyres and anti-puncture tyres.

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