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Pewag Servo SUV RSV74

Automatic tensioner
4.0 /5 (16 reviews)
Pewag Servo SUV RSV74
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  • Automatic tensioning chains.
  • Designed for sport utility vehicles.
  • Pattented technology Pewag servo.


195/80 R14
215/70 R14
235/60 R14


195/75 R15
205/70 R15
215/65 R15
225/60 R15
235/55 R15


185/75 R16
205/60 R16
215/55 R16
225/50 R16
245/45 R16


205/55 R17
215/50 R17
225/45 R17
235/40 R17
235/45 R17
245/40 R17


215/45 R18
225/40 R18

16 customer comments

4.0 out of 5 stars

Ease of use 4.0 /5
Road handling 3.5 /5
Respect of the rims 4.0 /5
Value for money 4.5 /5
Noise 3.5 /5
Comfort 4.0 /5

Customer reviews

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Same type of chains already used on other vehicles: easy to put on, self-tensioning, which makes them better grip the tire while driving... Great product

High quality chains, easy to install


Easy assembly

Unfortunately, the snow chains have not been used yet. Judging by the appearance of the chains, they are quite acceptable for occasional use. I think the automatic tensioning system really brings comfort!

I put them on once and it went smoothly. Now I just need to test them in the snow.

Product delivered as described. Delivery times respected. Chains mounted 'dry' - easy installation. No 'in situ' review as not yet used.

I already have experience with other vehicles with the same chain. It's the best for all-wheel drive vehicles on normal roads. Price and delivery ok.

Good price compared to other sellers

Installation is not difficult when you lift the wheel with a jack. Good on snow-covered road, bad on asphalt.

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