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Weissenfels snow chains

Weissenfels Snow chains

Weissenfels is specialized in the design of snow chains for passenger cars, utility vehicles, 4x4 and heavy trucks. Weissenfels invented the Clack&Go technology. It is a patented system that allows quick and easy mounting and dismounting.

Attiwa M43

  • Compact high-quality steel chain.
  • Self-centring.
  • Patented product.
Automatic tensioner
Weissenfels Attiwa M43 From102,89

Automatika M91

Automatic tensioner
Weissenfels Automatika M91 From265,09

Everest Power X

Manual tensioner
Weissenfels Everest Power X From60,29

Prestige Clack & Go

  • Clack&Go patented technology
  • Self-tensioning and self-centring
Automatic tensioner
Weissenfels Prestige Clack & Go From180,69

RCS Sport

  • Easy mounting thanks to the automatic tensioning system
  • Sporty design with optimal performance on snow and ice
Manual tensioner
Weissenfels RCS Sport From190,49


  • Ideal for 4x4, minibus, pick-up, ...
  • Manual tensioning
  • ABS/ESP-compatible
Manual tensioner
Weissenfels Rex TR RTR From164,09

Sette M45

  • Quick mounting without wheel disassembly
  • High-quality link design for optimal traction
Manual tensioner
Weissenfels Sette M45 From212,49

SUV Clack & Go RTS

  • Self-tensioning
  • Clack&Go patented technology
Automatic tensioner
Weissenfels SUV Clack & Go RTS From186,09

Tecna M30

  • Maximum driving comfort
  • Self-locking
  • Manual tensioning
Manual tensioner
Weissenfels Tecna M30 From62,79

Trak Auto M92

  • Quick and simple mounting
  • Optimal performance on snow and ice
Automatic tensioner
Weissenfels Trak Auto M92 From385,29

Trak SUV M93

  • Specifically designed for SUVs and off-road vehicles
  • Quick mounting with optimal traction performance
Automatic tensioner
Weissenfels Trak SUV M93 From488,89

Uniqa M32

  • Self-tensioning
  • Clack&Go patent
  • Wheel rim protection
Automatic tensioner
Weissenfels Uniqa M32 From126,89
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