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Isse Hybrid

Manual tensioner
From 70,69
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Chains Isse Hybrid

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Hybrid T58

13"145/80 R13155/80 R13165/70 R13175/65 R13175/70 R13185/65 R13185/70 R13195/60 R13195/65 R13205/60 R13215/60 R13225/55 R13
14"135/80 R14145/70 R14145/80 R14155/65 R14155/70 R14165/60 R14165/70 R14175/60 R14175/65 R14185/55 R14185/60 R14195/55 R14195/60 R14205/50 R14205/55 R14
15"125/80 R15135/70 R15145/65 R15145/70 R15155/60 R15155/65 R15165/60 R15175/50 R15175/55 R15175/60 R15185/50 R15185/55 R15195/45 R15195/50 R15205/50 R15215/45 R15
16"175/50 R16185/50 R16195/40 R16195/45 R16205/40 R16205/45 R16215/40 R16225/40 R16255/35 R16
17"195/40 R17215/35 R17225/35 R17
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Hybrid T66

14"185/80 R14195/75 R14195/80 R14205/70 R14205/75 R14205/80 R14215/70 R14215/75 R14225/70 R14235/70 R14245/60 R14
15"165/80 R15175/75 R15175/80 R15185/70 R15185/80 R15195/70 R15195/75 R15205/65 R15205/70 R15215/60 R15215/65 R15215/70 R15225/60 R15225/65 R15230/60 R15235/55 R15235/60 R15245/60 R15255/55 R15255/60 R15275/50 R15
16"165/75 R16175/70 R16175/75 R16175/80 R16185/65 R16185/75 R16195/60 R16195/65 R16205/60 R16205/65 R16215/55 R16215/60 R16215/65 R16225/55 R16225/60 R16235/50 R16235/55 R16245/50 R16245/55 R16255/55 R16
17"185/60 R17185/65 R17205/55 R17215/50 R17215/55 R17225/50 R17225/55 R17235/45 R17235/50 R17245/45 R17245/50 R17255/45 R17255/50 R17265/40 R17275/40 R17
18"205/45 R18205/55 R18215/45 R18215/50 R18225/45 R18225/50 R18235/40 R18235/45 R18245/40 R18245/45 R18255/40 R18255/45 R18265/35 R18265/40 R18275/35 R18275/40 R18
19"225/35 R19225/40 R19225/45 R19235/35 R19235/40 R19245/35 R19245/40 R19255/35 R19255/40 R19265/30 R19265/35 R19275/30 R19275/35 R19
20"245/30 R20245/35 R20255/35 R20
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Hybrid T74

14"265/70 R14
15"215/80 R15235/75 R15245/70 R15245/75 R15255/70 R15255/75 R15265/70 R15265/75 R15285/70 R15
16"195/85 R16205/80 R16215/75 R16215/85 R16225/70 R16225/75 R16235/70 R16235/75 R16235/85 R16245/70 R16245/75 R16255/65 R16255/70 R16255/75 R16265/60 R16265/65 R16265/70 R16265/75 R16275/70 R16285/65 R16285/75 R16
17"195/75 R17205/75 R17215/75 R17225/65 R17225/70 R17225/75 R17235/65 R17235/70 R17235/75 R17245/65 R17245/70 R17245/75 R17255/60 R17255/65 R17265/55 R17265/65 R17265/70 R17275/55 R17275/65 R17
18"225/60 R18225/65 R18235/60 R18235/65 R18245/60 R18255/55 R18255/60 R18265/60 R18275/60 R18285/50 R18285/60 R18
19"235/55 R19255/50 R19255/55 R19265/50 R19275/45 R19275/55 R19285/45 R19
20"235/55 R20245/45 R20255/45 R20255/50 R20275/45 R20275/50 R20285/50 R20295/45 R20
21"245/40 R21255/50 R21275/45 R21285/35 R21295/35 R21
22"285/35 R22
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